Choosing a Meal Supplement to Maintain Cholesterol

The Dietary Approach for the Cholesterol Battle

Today’s population is fighting an uphill battle with controlling and maintaining cholesterol levels, but with the expanding knowledge of using dietary supplements to control disease, there is new hope. The market for supplements to maintain and fight cholesterol includes products ranging from nutrient-dense and vitamin-enriched foods to nutritional bars to shakes. Studies have shown that sufferers of high cholesterol can incorporate one or more of these products into their diet to maintain the good cholesterol (HDL) while fighting the bad cholesterol (LDL).

  • Nutrients and vitamins
    1. Fight with fiber. Soluable fiber is a nutrient known to lower LDL by preventing its absorption into the body. Keeping fiber-rich foods on hand, such as beans, lentils, and oatmeal, can be a valuable addition to a meal to keep cholesterol levels in check.
    2. Antioxidants are an excellent line of defense. They work on a molecular level by preventing the formation of free radicals and the oxidation of cholesterol molecules so they cannot bind to the artery walls. Foods rich in nutrients containing antioxidants are fresh garlic, avocados, turmeric, olive oil, and nuts.
    3. The vitamin B complex has also been known to lower LDL and boost HDL levels, and is readily available over the counter.
  • Shakes
    1. As a rule of thumb, any fiber-rich fruit and vegetable selections will make a powerful shake. Spinach, apples, and oranges all blend well and are excellent choices. Opting for soy or almond milk as opposed to an animal-based milk will help keep the total cholesterol count low.
    2. If you are unable whip up a shake or recipe from scratch, choosing a commerical shake, such as Beachbody’s Shakeology, is a good choice. According to Beachbody, their enterprising Shakeology has been clinically proven to bolster health in many areas, with one of these areas being cholesterol control.
  • Bars:
    1. Fiber is the fighter here, too. Look for a high-fiber nutrition bar containing at least 5g of dietary fiber with quality ingredients. Some examples are Oatmega, KIND, NuGo, and Zing. A bonus of these supplemental bars is that they will also keep you feeling fuller longer.

While maintaining cholesterol levels can be a challenge in today’s saturated fat-laden world, a tool in fighting the battle can be adding a beneficial meal supplement to the day’s menu. As always, consult with your physician before implementing any major dietary changes into your lifestyle.