Diet with Exercise to Promote Good Cholesterol

Raise Your Good Cholesterol With Exercise and a Whole Food Diet

If you want to feel good enough to live forever, you could start by raising your HDL levels and lowering your LDL. Let’s take a simplistic look at cholesterol, and get started on the road to vibrant health by diet and daily exercise.

LDL Cholesterol – One way to remember your LDL is to think of this one as lousy. It is a low-density lipoprotein that carries cholesterol through your body.

You need a certain amount for organs and tissues. Trouble starts when you accumulate too much, and it keeps circulating in your blood vessels. Soon it begins to build up LDL particles called plaques. High LDL levels can cause concern:

  • narrowed blood vessels
  • blocked blood flow

Now that you know your LDL is not hard to understand, you can begin to keep your readings at 100 to 160 mg/dl.

HDL Cholesterol – This is your healthy cholesterol. This high density lipoprotein is a good scavenger. It picks up the excess circulating cholesterol and transports it to the liver, where it is broken down. A high HDL means you’ll have less bad cholesterol in your blood. Make your goal a reading of 60 mg/dl or above.

Healthy Foods For Energy

Eating processed foods may have plummeted you into the bad cholesterol lifestyle, but there is an escape plan. Add antioxidants to your menu. Snack on oranges, rich in vitamin C. Build up your vitamin E needs with spinach, almonds, walnuts and avocados.

There’s a whole world of vibrant health out there, and it’s in the food you eat. Replace highly sweetened soft drinks with green tea. Limit saturated fats from animal products and dairy.

Breakfast of Champions

Get out the juicer and make a raw juice, vegetable drink to jump-start your day. If you don’t have a juicer, use the blender and make a fruit puree. Your HDL levels will thank you.

Nighttime Eating

Foraging in the fridge at night can be healthy. Sample some fresh strawberries and almonds. Keep your body stockpiled in vitamins and minerals, and let your cells choose what they need. An excess in this department is better than a depletion. Malnutrition creates a lowered immune system, and that preventable situation welcomes inflammation and disease.

Now that your cholesterol readings are no longer a mystery, you can take control of your health. Say yes to a daily 30 minutes of exercise, menus filled with nutrient-dense, raw foods, and a healing attitude of gratitude. You deserve the good life.