New Lifestyle to Promote Good Cholesterol

Lifestyle Changes To Promote Healthy Cholesterol Levels

In spite of the many decades that the traditional medical community and food industry have spent altering the eating habits of people, supposedly in the interest of promoting better health, the truth remains that not all claims have been based on truths–especially with regard to cholesterol.

Consequently, a new mindset and lifestyle have emerged concerning what is the best way to promote good cholesterol and lessen the bad. Basically, condensed into a modified form of exercise, elimination of smoking, reduction of alcohol and change of eating regimens, all of these elements help make for better health.

A New Protocol For Better Health

1- Quit Smoking

While more than abundant scientific evidence is available on the harm of smoking, some people seem bent on self-destruction. Simply put, smoking lowers the good cholesterol, HDL, and increases the risks of coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. There are other equally potential fatal complications that can also arise, however, the reader by now surely gets the message.

2- Moderate Alcohol Helps Lower High Cholesterol Risks

The Bible itself recommends drinking moderate amounts of wine for stomach ailments; moreover, doing so, even on a moderate basis, would help to lower the risk of high bad cholesterol.

3- Exercise

Exercises that promote gradual body movements and relaxation, such as Tai Chi, the Chinese martial arts discipline, help initiate people a lot sooner and easier into more aggressive forms of exercise that also aid in normalizing cholesterol levels.

That being said, exercise is best done several times a week. However, doing even a little, such as going up a flight or two of stairs, will do wonders to help lower the bad cholesterol and raise the levels of the good.

4- One’s Food Regimen

In spite of attacks against cheeses and the noble egg over the last few decades, the successes of the Atkins low-carb eating style have disproved claims that eggs, cheese and saturated fats, when eaten in moderation, contribute to high bad cholesterol levels.

In fact, the gradual reduction of bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels and the recent acknowledgement by the leading heart organization in America that the low-carb eating style needs to be re-accessed with regard to raising cholesterol levels, all point to a paradigm shift in eating styles.

New Approaches To Promote Good Cholesterol

Moderation seems to be the trend today in fighting bad cholesterol levels. If anything, encouraging people to simply quit smoking, have an occasional moderate alcohol drink and moderately readjust their daily habits in general, all contribute to a new and better quality of living.