Tips to Lowering Cholesterol

The doctor has just read your lab results and it doesn’t sound good. It isn’t terrible, but they say you have to reduce cholesterol. Your counts aren’t quite high, but they aren’t quite low either. Which means you need to start a low fat cholesterol diet to improve the numbers on your next lab report. Low cholesterol diets include lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grain and limits the red meats and dairy products.

Follow a Diet

The best way to lower your cholesterol is the natural way with a change in diet. Lower cholesterol foods include ones with very little fat in them. Meat like chicken and turkey are much better options than red meat if your cholesterol is high. Certain dairy products are also bad for a person who has high cholesterol because they are animal byproducts and most of them have a higher level of cholesterol than other food items.

A low fat cholesterol diet includes fish, like tuna and salmon. However, you need to be careful with the fish so they don’t contain mercury. You also need to avoid dairy products, like ice cream and the heavy creams. They have fat but also a lot of calories in them that can add weight and inches to your waistline.

The best food choices include lots of salads with beans for protein. Add lots of green leafy veggies and chopped up vegetables to make it a complete meal. You can add grilled chicken or turkey to a lot of salads so they last with your system and you aren’t hungry in a little bit. Skip the dressing or add a fat free or a low fat vinegar based one. The dressings are usually a hidden place for fat and calories that you don’t need or want in your diet. Limit the toppings such as cheese, eggs, croutons and sunflower seeds as well if you are cutting calories from your diet and want to lose weight too.

Get Moving!

Exercise might be a surprising way for you to work on lowering cholesterol. When you exercise, the blood is pumped through your system faster. The more it is pumped through your system, the more of the bad cholesterol gets shipped out. The more bad cholesterol you can get rid of, the better your HDL numbers will be the next time you have them checked out.