What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol And Heart Disease

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women. One way to avoid such problems is to know about blood cholesterol. It is a substance that is waxy and fat-like. Cholesterol is inside all the cells of a person’s body. It is essential to the human body for making hormones and substances that assist in digesting food. Cholesterol move through a person’s body is small containers known as lipoproteins. This container consists of proteins on the outside and fat on the inside.

LDL Cholesterol

This is known at the bad cholesterol. It will deposit itself on the walls of a person’s arteries. The process can begin in childhood. A body’s white blood cells will attempt to digest the LDL. This will make it toxic. When more white blood cells arrive, it can inflame the artery wall. A body’s white blood cells and LDL will continue this process. Eventually, this could lead to a bump in the wall of an artery known as plaque. In some cases, plaque grows and blocks the artery. There is also a chance of a sudden break in the surface of a plaque build-up. This can cause a blood clot that may result in a heart attack.

HDL Cholesterol

This is known as the good cholesterol. HDL travels through a person’s bloodstream removing bad cholesterol. A good level of HDL cholesterol will decrease the risk of a heart attack. It lowers bad cholesterol by taking it to the liver where it is then reprocessed. The good cholesterol will clean the walls of a person’s artery. This leads to a healthy cholesterol level.

Vitamin D

This is something a person can get from sunlight as well as by taking supplements. Small amounts can also be obtained from eating certain foods. Studies have shown that vitamin D promotes cardiovascular health. It has been able to lower levels of bad cholesterol in a person’s body. During the studies, an increase in vitamin D intake was directly linked to a positive impact on a person’s cholesterol levels.

Bile Acids

This is a fluid in the body that contains a variety of things including cholesterol. It will eliminate waste products present in a person’s body. It is responsible for breaking down cholesterol. Bile acids can lower bad cholesterol levels by as much as 20 percent. People have had success lowering their bad cholesterol levels by taking a bile acid sequestrant with a drug known as a statin.