What is Diabetic Diet Food?

When you have diabetes, nutrition can be very tricky to get. You have to stay away from sugar, and that includes fruit. However, fruit has a lot of vitamins and nutrients your body could use. In order to get the vitamins your body requires, your doctor or nutritionist will give you a diabetic diet menu to follow. This menu follows the diabetics food pyramid and helps you to choose foods that are meant for your guidelines. The foods are low in sugar, high in protein and watch out for excessive carbs.

Following a Smart Diet

A type 2 diabetes diet needs to be followed closely in order to keep insulin levels in check. When your sugar gets too high, you can feel sick or even have serious health effects. When your sugar gets too low, you can also feel sick and have health concerns pop up. Neither condition is acceptable to live with long term, so you need to change your lifestyle.

A diabetes meal planner will help you do just that. This is a set of instructions given by a doctor, nurse, dietician or nutritionist that knows what your diabetes plan of action is. They will recommend how many servings of each food you need on the diabetics food pyramid in order to feel good and stay healthy. When you swerve from their diet plan, you could make yourself sick. It could also lead to complications down the road with your diabetes, so swerving from the diet plan really isn’t worth the risk. Eat the diabetic diet foods recommended for you and your blood sugar levels will remain more constant and you will feel good all of the time.

Exercise Often

Just having a diet low in sugar will not keep the weight off. In order to be healthy, you should start exercising regularly as well. The exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous or even long in duration. A twenty minute walk each morning is a great way to boost your metabolism, help your body keep the sugar levels even and to work the muscles. And besides all of that, it will help improve your mood. Walking is a great way to work all of your muscles and get outside and get some fresh air in the process. If the weather does not cooperate, then a treadmill or walking around in the house will do, too. Just get moving!